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Referee Information 2010
Referee classes and clinics are being scheduled around our area for July and August. For people wanting to become referees the web site is under their calendar tab you will find Entry Level Classes scheduled in the state. Class fee is $50 and includes referee license for fall 2010 and 2011 year.

For current referees, and any club members, there are some "On Field Training" clinics set for August 15 in Ankeny, August 21 at Soccer South and August 22 in Stuart. These are also listed in the Iowa Referee web site. Each one of these will have an instructor on site and does count for recertification hours for 2010 referees. Referees need to register for the clinics. There is no cost this year for the clinics. We will have sessions on new rules and points of emphasis, practice games at U-10 & 12 for newer referees to gain advice from experienced people, How to & why we do things, Question & Answer sessions and more. The clinics are also open to coaches, players, parents, etc. that want to know more or want a better understanding of the game and rules.

The clinics are open to any club to attend and I would encourage everyone to try and make one in your area. In an effort to gain referee consistency from club to club this is a good place to start.